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This template is not used directly, it is intended for a very specific use, to generate parameters for another highly complex template.

This template is currently only a temporary workaround for the CSS missing from MediaWiki:Common.css which is needed to properly support the use of {{Navbox}}. Due to the nature of CSS, it can never be a perfect solution, and is the wrong way to specify the actual layout. The style options being passed to {{Navbox}} exceed the original design of it, as those options were only ever intended for minor adjustments such as changing the color scheme. Despite that, the current usage does provide a short term acceptable solution until the correct CSS is in place. The visual result is broadly similar to that achieved with the correct CSS stylesheet in place. Inline style via the "style" attribute on HTML elements is never a full or correct replacement for a CSS stylesheet, and contains a number of limitations not present for a stylesheet.

Top level navboxes

| bodystyle       = {{Navbox style|body}} 
| innerstyle      = {{Navbox style|inner}}
| titlestyle      = {{Navbox style|title}}
| abovestyle      = {{Navbox style|above}}
| belowstyle      = {{Navbox style|below}}
| groupstyle      = {{Navbox style|group}}
| liststyle       = {{Navbox style|list}}
| evenstyle       = {{Navbox style|even}}
| oddstyle        = {{Navbox style|odd}}
| navbarstyle     = {{Navbox style|navbar}}
| navbarfontstyle = {{Navbox style|navbarfont}}

Subgroup / child navboxes

 | bodystyle       = {{Navbox style|child|body}} 
 | titlestyle      = {{Navbox style|child|title}}
 | abovestyle      = {{Navbox style|child|above}}
 | belowstyle      = {{Navbox style|child|below}}
 | groupstyle      = {{Navbox style|child|group}}
 | liststyle       = {{Navbox style|child|list}}
 | evenstyle       = {{Navbox style|child|even}}
 | oddstyle        = {{Navbox style|child|odd}}