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== See also ==
== See also ==
* {{Wikipedia|International variation in quotation marks}}
* {{Wikipedia|International variation in quotation marks}}
* {{Tl|Quote/startsign}} the opposite version

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Returns the end quote sign for a given language. Returns the English sign if the language is not known and adds the page to Category:Unknown Quote/endsign language.

Template:Parameter Table

Supported language codes:

  • en (English), hu (magyar, Hungarian), ko (한국어, Korean), pl (polski, Polish), tr (Türkçe, Turkish), zh-cn (中文(中国大陆)‎, Chinese (China)): ”
  • cs (česky, Czech), de (Deutsch, German): “
  • da (dansk, Danish): «
  • es (español, Spanish), fr (français, French), it (italiano, Italian), no (norsk bokmål, Norwegian (bokmål)), pt (português, Portuguese), ru (русский, Russian): »
  • he (עברית, Hebrew): „
  • ja (日本語, Japanese): 」
  • nl (Nederlands, Dutch): ’
  • sv (svenska, Swedish): ”

Because all quotation marks except English and German were used from the list linked below there might be errors. Feel free to correct them or if you don't know how to, post it on the talk page.

See also