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→ See also: [[:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]

Adds a link which references to a similar topic which might be interesting. It is usually placed at the beginning of a paragraph.

It support links to pages in this wiki as well as external links. Usually the complete second parameter text is linked, but own linking can be applied when omitting the first parameter (see the third example).

This template is similar to {{Main article}}. In most cases the {{Main article}} fits better because it is unknown which similar topics might be interesting. Instead those articles are referenced in the paragraph. Also some articles have a See also section at the end where some topics are listed, but then without using this template.


#/Name Optional Description Default
1 Yes Target page name if in this wiki. Not set
2 Yes Link text. {{{1}}}
section Yes Link to a specific section. Not set
section text Yes Link text to the specific section. Not set/{{{section}}}


Code Example Result
{{see also|Target}} {{see also|Stationary orbit}}
→ See also: Stationary orbit
{{see also|Target|Description}} {{see also|Stationary orbit|Synchronous orbit}}
→ See also: Synchronous orbit
{{see also||Description}} {{see also||{{Wikipedia|Synchronous orbit}}}}
→ See also: Synchronous orbit on Wikipedia

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