Tutorial:Hopping around celestial bodies

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Hopping around celestial bodies

Still in process of being written, hang on...

So you've arrived on the Mun. Time to explore all those different biomes for science! Or maybe you're in career mode and have contracts to investigate various locations. Either way, you need to get around the place.



  • Length: 5–10 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • For version: Every version


Step 1 - The weird step

This is step 1, everything about this step is weird, that's why I don't write this so long.

Step 2 - Finish the weird step

  • If you have a contract, open map view and click on the site to enable navigation
  • Enable SAS. Your pilot can now balance

Things to note

  • Do not make a gravity turn! We don't want to optimize our horizontal velocity for orbit, we want to land again, so a gravity turn actually wastes fuel here.

Step 3 - This is no weird?!

Exactly, this isn't any weird at all!

Finishing word

Tada! Now you've read a full tutorial. Congratulations!