Tutorial:How to get to Jool

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Jool. If you don't see this at some point during the tutorial, you've probably done it incorrectly.

Traveling to Jool

Jool is Kerbin's most distant neighbor, and one of the more time-consuming locations to reach. Getting to Jool is really the next step after Eve and Duna, and is an attractive target due to its large atmosphere and complex moon system.


  • Length: 1–3 hours
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • For version: .17

Additionally, you will need a good understanding of orbital mechanics (see Tutorials section), angles, and a lot of patience.


Step 1 - Build Your Rocket

Upper Stage

Middle Stage

Lower Stage

Step 2 - Planetary Alignment

Step 3 - Launch to Kerbin Orbit

Step 4 - Fly from Kerbin to Jool

Step 5 - Arriving at Jool

Step 6 - Traveling to one of its moons