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For years (all those ones you spent timewarping to Jool) Kerbal kind has had the last name Kerman, but no longer..

Today, I'm going to teach you to rename your Kerbals with whatever name you like! You can make Yuri Kerman, Neil Armstrong, or Mr. Munman if you really want. I personally use it for giving them the names of my friends and pile driving them with a rocket.

Stage one: File locating!

Go to your KSP directory! Steam users can find it in their program files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program! Then, enter your saves file. Enter the file that is named after the save you wish to edit. See that file that says 'persistent'? Open it with a word file. Now we'll find the part to edit.

Stage two: Kerbal to Armstrong!

Press both CTRL (Control) and F at the same time: It will pull up a window which allow you to find the names. Type in Applicants and press Up or Down - there will only be one. Then close the small popup window and scroll down a little. Kerbal names! You can now replace them at will, and even turn on the Badass flag by turning the BadS to True. Bravery and Stupidity are also there to edit.

A custom AmeraKerbal

WARNING: If the ToD is below the time of your save, the Kerman won't show up until the time passes.