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(added section on delta v. good to for readers to know off the bat so they know what kind of craft they need to build)
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*'''Difficulty:''' Easy
*'''Difficulty:''' Easy
*'''For version:''' Every version
*'''For version:''' Every version
*'''Recommended Delta-V'''
** X m/s first stage
** X m/s second stage
===Step 1 - The weird step===
===Step 1 - The weird step===

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This is a template tutorial

You can use this for creating a new tutorial later on. Here you'll describe what this tutorial will learn and how to accomplish it.


  • Length: 5-10 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • For version: Every version


Step 1 - The weird step

This is step 1, everything about this step is weird, that's why I don't write this so long.

Step 2 - Finish the weird step

This concludes step 1, the weird step. Hopefully, step 2 isn't as weird as step 1 but still a little weird.

Step 3 - This is no weird?!

Exactly, this isn't any weird at all!

Finishing word

Tada! Now you've read a full tutorial. Congratulations!