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** 1x [[Sensor Array Computing Nose Cone]]
** 1x [[Sensor Array Computing Nose Cone]]
** 4x [[TR-2L Ruggedized Vehicular Wheel]]
** 4x [[TR-2L Ruggedized Vehicular Wheel]]
** 1x Probodobodyne OKTO2]] (Put it on the bottom)
** 1x [[Probodobodyne OKTO2]] (Put it on the bottom)
==Life Support and Crew Habitat==
==Life Support and Crew Habitat==

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Mars One is a planned mission to Mars to set up a permanent settlement there.

Mars One rover

The Mars One rover will be launched in 2018 to move the modules together and find a good place to settle.

Ship Design

Life Support and Crew Habitat

We currently have no life support units or inflatable habitats.

Mars Transit Vehicle

The mars transit Vehicle will send the people to mars in 2024 getting there in 2025.

Ship Design

Part One

Part Two

First you launch part one into orbit then you launch part two into orbit and disconnect the RC-001S Remote Guidance Unit and connect part one with part two.

Falcon Heavy - Launcher

The Falcon Heavy is currently in development and will be the most powerful rocket currently in use. It will be one of the most powerful after the Saturn V and Energia. Theoretically also the Space Launch System and N1 are more powerful but haven't flown. It is developed by SpaceX who are currently contracted by NASA to resupply the ISS with the Falcon 9.

Ship Design