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Tylo is one of the four moons of Jool. It has a rocky surface. It is extremely challenging to land on because it possesses a similar gravity well to Kerbin itself, while lacking the benefit of an atmosphere to brake in.


Tylo is a large rocky moon of Jool. It has a varying elevation between 0 meters (Tylo baseline height) and peaks of more then 6290 meters. Tylo shows signs of many large asteroid impacts. Due to the coloring of the surface of Tylo, it is likely that it is covered in a rhyolite layer of rock and dust, spread by meteorite impacts. Although very large in comparison to other moons, it is unlikely that it is a captured planet. For a planet of this size, Jool would have to be much larger and denser to produce a large and strong enough gravitational well.

Reference Frames

Paid (0.17)
Rotational/Inertial transition  ? m
Warp Minimum Altitude
1x 30,000 m
2x 30,000 m
5x 30,000 m
10x 60,000 m
50x 120,000 m
100x 240,000 m
1000x  ? m
10000x  ? m



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