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Azivegu is a player of Kerbal Space Program since v0.13. I often takes time to research physical parameters of the planetary bodies within the Kerbol System and correcting data to scientific significants.


  • Geosynchronous orbits planets
  • Extra data for planet box
  • Further development on planetbox: Template:Planetbox 2.0, Currently Planetbox v2.7
  • Addition Dutch language Main Page

Future developments

  • Further work on planetbox 2.0
  • Atmosphere calculations
  • Further development dutch language KSP wiki
  • part additions* plug-in descriptions
  • Adding more mathematical formulas

My Contribution

Bytes Added: +34368
Bytes Removed: -5926
Total: +28440

Wish List

My personal list of things that I would like to see in the coming versions of KSP. Some of these things already exist as mods, but I would like to see them become vanilla.

  • Gas giant with large rings (Saturn like) and several moons (4 to 8) beyond Jool, my preferred name is Saga (after Carl Sagan)
  • destination beyond 'Saga'. A double 'planet' (for those of you who still consider Pluto a planet) (Pluto/Charon System) with a highly eccentric orbit (between 10 and 20 degrees)
  • A planet with a retrograde orbit around Kerbol comparred to the rest of the planets (can be combined with 'Saga')
  • Asteroid belt and Comets* Ability to alter orbits of Asteroids and comets (say to give them an orbit around Kerbin and eventually to protect Kerbin)
  • Docking capability with the simplicity of Erkle Docking Mod
  • Ion engine with battery and solar panel parts
  • Cargo bay's (with opening and closing doors) for use on a reusable shuttle/rocket* Communication Relay Networks
  • Capability to build basis on other worldlets (large asteroids included)
  • City's and other forms of Kerbal presence on Kerbin
  • Crew Experience (ability to train crew and gain experience with more and more launches) that helps improve the controllability of a craft (eg poor crew experience, harder to control craft; high crew experience, better craft control and bonus fuel efficiency (and Jeb is the ├╝ber boss))
  • Telescopes to view other planets/moons/worldlets from Kerbin and space. Gives better understanding of every planet so that not all information is automatically available. Telescopes available in UV, Visible Light, Infrared and Radio.
  • Incorporation of ISA MapSat into game. Maybe incorporating mapping with telescoping. Allow several forms of mapping: photography, radiography, magnetosphere mapping and altitude mapping of ocean floors.
  • Tribute to people who actively promote space exploration, such as Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Bruce Murray, Louis Fredman, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldren, etc. (PS: I also think notary progress in space should also be noted, eg Yuri Gagarin and Sally Ride) (I know that Carl Sagan already has one, but he deserves another one.)
  • Business Requests: A business wants a satellite in orbit and they will pay you to develop and deploy it. You have to make the rocket as efficient and cheap as possible to get the most out of their money.

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