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My profile is under construction.

Welcome to my profile. I joined Kerbal Space Program in the third quarter of 2013. Later, I found cheats. Starting in 2016, I started some interplanetary adventures without cheats. At the wiki, I often make minor edits, but I am now starting to make major edits. I also upload files for my page. If I did anything wrong, here is the talk page.

Personal Feats

This does not include feats before I joined the wiki or with cheats!

Kerbals on Pol

Here is Jeb and Valentina on Pol!
Here is Jeb having fun near my first successful SSTO!!!

On the second half of February, Jeb and Valentina became my first Kerbals to land on a Celestial Body outside the Kerbin system. In this case, it is Pol.

Kerbals on Gilly

Because there are so many screenshots, this is just a gallery.

Eve Rover

After sending Kerbals to Pol and Gilly, I sent the stock rover to Eve. The rover landed near the edge of a large island. I no longer have contact with the rover.

SSTO Flights

I now do SSTO flights. In the second half of March, I managed to build and fly my first SSTO! The craft even got into orbit and land intact! I am going to fly more SSTO crafts later.