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This page is humorous fan fiction. All its information is entirely unofficial and should not be taken at face value. Linking to a subsection is not recommended as this will skip over this warning.

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The idea of a space program was suggested in 1926, when Payton Kerman launched the first liquid fueled rocket, granted it was only existent for 2 seconds before exploding, and also had a maximum altitude of 12.5 meters, although all the devices said 72.5 meters, because 0 meters was on sea level. It was launched on a sandy circle on an equatorial peninsula. It opened the possibility of a space program. But that dream was never realized until the first rocket was launched.

Now. it was the 1970s. Many, many, many things were happening. the Mun Race had just ended. Kerbollo 11, and 12, were launched. It was amazing time to be alive until Kerbollo 13. It was a disaster. something terrible happened. the Kermaricans and the Kerviets are increasingly worried as the spaceflight goes on and a failure is imminent. But mission control united, and tried to fix it any way they could. The Kermaricans were in the hot seat this time. but the Kerviets just might help, after all, the Kold War has ended, and there was a Kerbonaut at Stake. the two forces united. There was enough man power to make one, plus making one would be beneficial to society. So they formed one. Right on the very peninsula the first rocket was launched.

Build. Fly. Dream.