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Deepspacecreeper is an unknown player of the popular space-simulation game Kerbal Space Program.

As a fluent speaker of both English and Chinese (understands both traditional and simplified), he helps edit the KSP wiki.

He works really hard whenever a major update comes out.

Deepspacecreeper 能說流利的中文和英文(繁體和简体也懂),它幫助修改 Kerbal Space Program 維基。

他希望在每次更新 KSP 的時候,本維基也會很快地更新內容。

Deepspacecreeper 能说流利的中文和英文(繁體和简体也懂),它帮助修改 Kerbal Space Program 维基。

他希望在每次更新 KSP 的时候,本维基也会很快地更新内容。

Spoiler: French translation by Mowaw
Deepspacecreeper est un joueur inconnu du jeu de simulation très populaire Kerbal Space Program
Delete.png This user is a dedicated destroyer of vandalism

Major Contributions

  • Creates new content (parts & stock craft) for each update
  • (numerous minor edits & spelling & grammar checks)


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