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Deepspacecreeper is an unknown player of the popular space-simulation game Kerbal Space Program.

As a fluent speaker of both English and Chinese (understands both traditional and simplified), he helps edit the KSP wiki.

He works really hard whenever a major update comes out.

Deepspacecreeper 能說流利的中文和英文(繁體和简体也懂),它幫助修改 Kerbal Space Program 維基。

他希望在每次更新 KSP 的時候,本維基也會很快地更新內容。

Deepspacecreeper 能说流利的中文和英文(繁體和简体也懂),它帮助修改 Kerbal Space Program 维基。

他希望在每次更新 KSP 的时候,本维基也会很快地更新内容。

Spoiler: French translation by Mowaw
Deepspacecreeper est un joueur inconnu du jeu de simulation très populaire Kerbal Space Program.

En tant que personne parlant couramment anglais et chinois (traditionnel et simplifié), il aide à la conception du wiki de KSP.

Il travaille très dur quand une mise à jour majeure voit le jour.
Delete.png This user is a dedicated destroyer of vandalism
7FPS This user wants FPS improvement mods for KSP.

Major Contributions

  • Creates new content (parts & stock craft) for each update
  • (numerous minor edits & spelling & grammar checks)


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