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Hey, I write lots of small, innessential articles here on the wiki, such as Oxygen and Flagpole. I am not skilled in any form of coding. I'm afraid I only speak English, but I am glad to help out on many projects. I also upload quite a few photos to the wiki and add them to some pages. I try to stay visualant for bugs in KSP to report them to the corrisponding page.


I am a 14 year old Caucasian Scotish-British male who is currently in Scotland. I use an Intel Laptop for writing Wiki articles and my desktop my for KSP experience. I sometimes make flags, as they're rather easy. I plan to write customisation tutorials for KSP (Custom Kerbal names, custom flags, ETC.), so expect those in the near future.


Got to the moon

Got stuck on the moon

Got to Minmus

Got Jeb stuck on Minmus

Got Jeb back with a rescue shuttle

Now got Bob stuck on Minmus

Made custom Kerbals for my friend group

Killed them.

Time warped into Kerbin's atmosphericly lacking ground from a return flight from Munar pass-by