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Hi. I'm Loc. I'm mostly a lurker here, but I will occasionally edit something whenever I can. I do edits in English and Polish. I consider myself quite fluent in English, but I'm always looking for ways to perfect myself, so if you think you can give me a challenge/source of knowledge, put a trial on me at my discussion page.

I'm from Warsaw, Poland. I'm a reserved, but also a cheerful person (these two traits don't go well together). I am known to become detached from the real world frequently, I am a big thinker who makes about 0,1% of things I think of come true. Most of them are just dumped away, mostly because of my laziness and simple lack of caring after some time passes.

I have a Steam account. If you want to play with me - just ask. I'll probably refuse, but maybe you will be lucky enough. Who knows?