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A person(?) with spam-killing ability. I do try to curate part, world, and UI info.

If I accidentally blocked you, please contact me so it can be fixed.

I'm available in [#KSPOfficial] much of the time. If not, I have gmail with this name.

To do

Various stuff. Mainly keeping my to do list up to date?

Personal Link Repository

Personal Equation Repository

ΔV == Ve*ln(Mi/Mf) == Isp*g*ln(Mi/Mf) [Obviously]
Vesc² + Vinf² == V² [Hyperbolic excess velocity]
E == v²/2 - µ/r
E == -µ/2a
V² == µ(2/r - 1/a) [Vis-a-vis]
T² α a³
T² == (4π/µ) * a³
Pe + Ap == 2a
Ap == a(1+e)
Pe == a(1-e)
e == (Ap-Pe) / (Ap+Pe) == 1 - 2/((Ap/Pe)+1)
Ap/Pe == (1+e)/(1-e)
ΔV=c*tanh(Isp/c * ln(mi/mf)) [not in use, but still...]
rSOI = Ap(Mp/Ms)^0.4
θ = 180°*(1-[(A1+A2)/(2*A2)]^[1.5])

Constants [KSP only. May not apply to Real Life.]

G == 6.674e-11 N*m²/kg² (Might have been changed in 1.x?)
g == 9.81 m/s² (May be false as of 1.x)
g0 == 9.82 m/s² (No longer correct as of 1.0. I think it's 9.80665 now?)