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Hey, I'm in my 30s and UK based, although I have a non-24-hour sleep cycle, so am around at all different times. It's part of my long running Chronic Fatigue (M.E.), which means that I'm super flaky, unfortunately , undependable and often brain fogged. So sorry in advance for times that I just stop exiting. I have an academic background in physics and systems engineering, but it's a bit... errrm.... academic, now.

I've only been playing KSP since late 2016, but logged a few hundred hours. I've mostly spending too long re-designing craft for too long in career mode (I'm yet to properly leave the Kerbin system!) and experimenting.

My focus on the wiki has been on trying to quantify and clarify some of the most technical aspects of the game that are either absent from the wiki or plain wrong (due to updates). Namely the convert-o-tron pages, drills and thermal mechanics, currently. Although I've side-tracked through making updates and tweaks to related pages too. Still trying to figure the details out, mostly from in-game experimentation, which is often confusing. So I'd appreciated any help, suggestions or pointers. Thanks.


I have a YouTube channel where I've added a couple of KSP videos (amongst other games).

I'm also active on r/KerbalSpaceProgram/ (the sub-Reddit) as Z3R0gravitas.

And have an official forum account where I can be contacted too.