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Hi. I got the game (on steam) and after a few flights, I noticed this odd structure on an island in the distance of the KSP base. Once, I landed there ( after a few tries :D ) and explored it. It had a, well, what looked like a lighthouse, two hangers and rectangular stone 'pens'. I was wondering if this 'unidentified' base has no role, a current role, or a possible future role in the current game. --Preceding by ‎Steam Spy149

Hello, and welcome to the Kerbal community! That location, officially called Old Airfield, is the most easily sighted "anomaly" in KSP, due to its close proximity to the Kerbal Space Center. It is well documented already, so this particular page will be deleted. But as we all love the game, your contributions are welcome! In time you'll get familiar with the wiki's structure and how admins like xZise and other old-timers keep everything orderly. --Brendan (talk) 20:21, 6 May 2015 (UTC)