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Vall is one of the five natural satellites of Jool. It has an icy surface which is somewhat hilly, ranging in elevation from 0 m to over 2114 m. Like the other large Joolian moons, Vall is tidally locked. Synchronus orbits around Vall are not possible, as they would lie outside of its SOI.

Landing on Vall and returning is sligtly more challenging than Mün. It lacks atmosphere but a higher gravity and more uneven terrain so a larger rocket is required.

Reference Frames

Rotational/Inertial transition: 100,000? m

Warp Minimum Altitude
1x 0 m
5x 24,500 m
10x 24,500 m
50x 24,500 m
100x 40,000 m
1,000x 60,000 m
10,000x 80,000 m
100,000x 100,000 m



  • Initial Release