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A wing is a type of part primarily used to provide lift during horizontal flight inside an atmosphere. Wings are the defining feature of planes, though wings may enable short-term flying or gliding by rovers and other craft. The lifting forces they generate can also be used in novel ways.

The lift generated depends on the local density of atmosphere, the square of the relative speed, and the wings' angle of attack (AoA). The atmospheric density and relative velocity squared generate the aerodynamic force called dynamic pressure (Q) according to the following formula:

The three-dimensional point where lift from all wings, winglets, and control surfaces averages out is the center of lift, which in rough terms acts like a lever with the fulcrum being the center of mass. The relative position of the center of lift to mass is the decisive element for an aircraft's stability. A stable airplane should have its center of lift slightly behind its center of mass and roughly co-planar.

Wings generate drag as an inherent consequence of generating lift. As drag decreases the speed of the aircraft, some kind of engine is needed for propulsion, or its initial kinetic and potential energy will be consumed in a gliding maneuver. The generated lift greatly depends on the angle of attack. The lift increases with the AoA in an interval, but at greater angles the drag increases more rapidly than the lift, decreasing the efficiency of the wing. The optimal angle of attack is that with the highest L/D (lift/drag) ratio.

By themselves, wings provide no steering control, though their lifting forces will impact movement of a craft in flight. The trailing edges are often an ideal place for attaching control surfaces.

Note: the current aerodynamic model of the game doesn't simulate the stalling or the transonic-supersonic effects

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