Xenon gas

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Xenon gas
Density 0.1 kg/unit
Transferable Yes
Tweakable Yes
Drainable Yes
Flow mode Everywhere
Cost Funds/unit
40 Funds/kg
Since version 0.18
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Xenon gas is a fuel resource that powers only ion engines. With a density of only 0.1 kg per unit this is the lightest resource after electric charge.


There are only three xenon gas related parts available at the moment. The PB-ION Electric Propulsion System is an extremely efficient engine which consumes xenon and a lot of electric charge, and produces a minuscule amount of thrust (the half of one RCS thruster). However, it can run continuously for extremely long periods. The inline PB-X150 Xenon Container and the radially attached PB-X50R Xenon Container are tanks which can supply the engine with xenon, however additional means of generation and storage are necessary to supply electricity.