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A Mun lander employing coloured electric lights
A size comparison of light parts, as of version 1.10
This article is about the parts which generate light. For the properties about light in general, see light.

A light is a part that uses electricity or electric charge to shine a light. They can be used to provide visibility while landing at night or in a shaded area, and also to illuminate the craft itself. Electric lights are also useful for illuminating a rendez-vous target, such as a space station, if the vehicle is expecting to mate with a docking port that is in shade. For tidally locked moons like Mun, Vall or Ike, overnight landing missions are recommended to have any lights accompanied by large battery banks, or an RTG, as one night can be very long.

Currently, there are three major light sources. Until v1.10, the Illuminator Mk1 and Illuminator Mk2 were the only dedicated light sources available. The Small Gear Bay also holds a light source which can be toggled. The Telus-LV Bay Mobility Enhancer also has a small electric light, though its light is too weak to illuminate anything other than its self, and can't be switched off. Parts with crew capacity introduced or updated since 0.90 have lighted windows, which light up the ambient area like jet engines do.

With version 1.0.5, all dedicated lights, and the LY-10 Small Landing Gear can have their colors changed in the VAB and SPH using tweakables. It is possible to change all three RGB color channels independently to produce nearly any color of light.

In version 1.0.5 the overhauled and new jet engines with an afterburner or plume effect light up the area around them.

Version 1.10 added the Domelight Mk1, Lightstrip Mk1, Spotlight Mk1, and Navigation Light Mk1 light parts.

Available lights

Image Part Radial size Cost
Max. Temp.
Illuminator Mk1 v2.png Illuminator Mk1 Radial mounted 100 0.015 2 000 8 50 0.04
(2.4 ⚡/min)
Domelight Mk1.png Domelight Mk1 Radial mounted 50 0.002 2 000 8 50 0.01
(0.3 ⚡/min)
Navigation Light Mk1.png Navigation Light Mk1 Radial mounted 40 0.001 2 000 8 50 0.01
(0.6 ⚡/min)
Spotlight Mk1.png Spotlight Mk1 Radial mounted 75 0.005 2 000 8 50 0.02
(1.2 ⚡/min)
Lightstrip Mk1.png Lightstrip Mk1 Radial mounted 40 0.001 2 000 8 50 0.01
(0.3 ⚡/min)
Illuminator Mk2 v1.11.1.png Illuminator Mk2 Radial mounted 100 0.015 2 000 8 50 0.02
(1.2 ⚡/min)