Mk1 Crew Cabin

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Mk1 Crew Cabin
Part image
Habitation module by
C7 Aerospace Division
Radial size Small
Cost (total) 550.00 Fund
Mass (total) 1.00 t
Drag 0.1
Max. Temp. 1000 K
Impact Tolerance 40 m/s
Research General construction.png General Construction
Unlock cost 2600 Fund
Since version 1.0.5
Part configuration mk1Cockpits
Crew capacity (maximum) Crew
Packet size 2 Mit
Transmission speed 2 Mit/s
Electricity required 6 ⚡/Mit
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Product description

A cozy passenger cabin derived from a business jet and upgraded for use in spacecraft.

C7 Aerospace Division

This capsule has no handholds, and crew may be transferred only out of either end. Additionally, a kerbonaut may only EVA out the front end - which might cause problems depending on your ship design. The cabin can hold 2 kerbals, which is very efficient for small jets, stations, and planetary bases.

IVA view of the Mk1 Crew Cabin


  • Added ability to transmit science
  • Initial release