Ravenspear Mk4

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Ravenspear Mk4 in flight before (1.0.5)

The Ravenspear Mk4 is a stock plane. It has a simple delta wing airframe with four J-404 "Panther" Afterburning Turbofan. Because of that its performance is not so shocking at high altitudes, but at low altitudes...

The Ravenspear Mk4 on the runway (1.0.5)

Craft Description

The Mk4 marks a bit of a change in direction from previous Ravenspear models.
Instead of focusing on high-altitude flight, the Mk4 is primarily geared towards making the most out of its four low-altitude turbines.
Being capable of very high-speed flight at low altitudes, it's a favorite among the bravest test pilots, and quite the opposite for the not-so-brave ones.