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The given reason is: no longer serves a purpose and possibly violates eula

Running Kerbal Space Program through Wine is (per 2013-02-30) not permitted by the Kerbal Space Program End-User License Agreement, specifically part 1a:

Electro Chango S.A. de C.V. grants you the right to install and use copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on your computer running a validly licensed copy of the operating system for which the SOFTWARE PRODUCT was designed [e.g., Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OSX].

If you happen to live in a place where this right needs to be explicitly granted by a license before you can use a piece of software, this is an incentive not to use KSP though Wine.There is now a Linux version available, so for Linux users there is no reason for using Wine.

Kerbal space program is technically able to run through wine more or less with out any configuration.


Download the full Windows version of the game. As of version 0.18.4, the patcher from previous versions is deprecated and unlikely to work, while the "new patcher isn't ready yet."[1]


You will first need to install wine on your computer, for those using debian like systems (such as ubuntu) you can run `sudo apt-get install wine`.

To run the game, you should be able to simply double-click `KSP.exe` or launch it from the command line with `wine KSP.exe`. You may need to associate the `.exe` extension with wine.

Improving the experience

KSP requires, but (as of 0.18.4) does not bundle, some fonts licensed by Microsoft. The fonts in question can be installed with winetricks, by evaluating the command winetricks eufonts in a shell.[2]

If you are running Ubuntu with Unity, you will need to disable the Alt+Right Click keybinding in Compiz to allow transferring of resources. You can disable the keybinding with the instructions posted here

Version Compatibility

Please report version (in)compatibilit{y,ies} at the Wine AppDB and report bugs (watch out for duplicates) in the bug tracker.

Please help populate this table with as much info as possible. Wine version should as reported by `wine --version`; Mono version is the version you've installed if any; Patcher is for the status of the patcher; problems is for saying what is broken in the game it self, but preferably refraining from performance issues.

KSP Version Wine Version Mono Version Patcher Problems
0.18.2 1.4  ? not working Occasional crash, suspected due to poor computer
Example Example Example Example Example
0.18.2 1.5.20 Included with Wine Not tried Default wine settings throw a long series of '...FBO GL_FRAMBUFFER_INCOMPLETE...' errors in console. Game window is solid black. Audio plays.