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Determine the transmission speed

Here's an explanation why I get those transmission speed numbers. I send a vessel with all three types of antennas and a atmospheric sensor (the one which used to be a Nose Cone) onto the desert surface. There I stared the atmospheric analysis, which gives 200Mits of Data. Then I send this data using one of the antennas. By remembering the timestamp I was able to find the section in the logfile and could calculate a delta-time. -- Crown (talk) 10:04, 19 October 2013‎ (UTC)

I've moved the comment from the template code to the discussion page.xZise [talk] 07:47, 19 October 2013 (CDT)
It appears, that it is the double of the inverse of the packet interval given in the part configs. As each packet has a size of 2 Mits and the interval is for example 0.4 seconds per packet with the Communotron 16 it results in 5 Mits/s (=: 0.4 s/packet = 0.8 s/Mits). Except for the Communotron 88-88 it appears to "match" more or less. Should we use then the values given by the configuration files? — xZise [talk] 10:22, 6 December 2013 (CST)
Okay I did a test in version 0.23 and figured out that this value is the time between two packets. So if the packet interval is 0.5, the antenna transmits 2 packets per second. To do this, I modified the definition of the crew report (GameData/Squad/Resources/ScienceDefs.cfg) to set the dataScale to 20. This results in 100 Mit large reports. I then increased the electric charge on board the Command Pod Mk1, although adding batteries would work too. Lastly I increased the amount of science I have in the save file to develop all three antenna. With this modifications I simply build a craft with a Command Pod Mk1 and always one of the antennae. After launching the craft I extended the antenna, created a crew report and measured the time to transmit manually with my phone. I got 20 s for the Communotron 16, 9 s for the Communotron 88-88 and 15 s for the Comms DTS-M1. Now a crew report of 100 Mit is divided into 50 packets in all stock antenna. The Communotron 16 has a interval of 0.4 seconds: 50 packets × 0.4 seconds/packet = 20 seconds. (Communotron 88-88: 0.18 s/packet × 50 packets = 9 s, Comms DTS-M1: 0.3 s/packet × 50 packets = 15 s). — xZise [talk] 07:03, 5 February 2014 (CST)

New Topic -e/s

Sorry, unfamiliar with editing wiki tables, but it seems one of the more relevant pieces of information is charge/second consumption, which... while trivially calculable from the data already on the table, may be easier to use if it were included directly. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Shavera (talkcontribs) 18:45, 8 March 2014 (UTC)

I've added that information. — xZise [talk] 19:37, 8 March 2014 (CST)