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Bohtauri is a 26 year old New Zealander living in Melbourne, Australia. He has professionally worked on wiki's for and Creating over 600,000 wiki articles over his career so far. Bohtauri is also a avid wikipedia contributor and a minor Minecraft celebrity.

P.S also has a habit talking in third-person :P

Task 1: Create a layman guide to KSP, as I find serious flaws in current tutorials and help for people who don't want to learn geometry or calculus. (you CAN play this game without those skills!)

Hitchhikers Guide to KSP

Contained on this extremely long tutorial is all the basics you need to know to get off the ground, into orbit, land on planets and/or return home safely.

This is a "if all else fails tutorial" you wont find any tutorial with simpler sections. I recommend you go through the titles and find the section that helps you the most


  • Length: Up to you, stop and start as you wish
  • Difficulty: Very Easy
  • For version: 0.18.1+

Building Your First Rocket from Scratch

This can be a daunting experience since i'm sure you've tried already and either it wont leave the launch pad and/or blown up before leaving the launch pad. So here is some helpful stuff to remember

Pro Tip for First Timers
Try small then build up, don't expect your first rocket
to be a 6 stage megalith and work the first time. Try a single stage first.

Single Rocket

Simplest design is a rocket similar to the Saturn V rocket. Base: Your rockets base is most important, especially the sequence. You will need 3 things in your base.

Landing Struts
Fuel Tank
Rocket Engine

Adding Booster Rockets

Bohtauri hasnt figured this out yet from trial and error so will add soon


Step 1 - The weird step

This is step 1, everything about this step is weird, that's why I don't write this so long.

Step 2 - Finish the weird step

This concludes step 1, the weird step. Hopefully, step 2 isn't as weird as step 1 but still a little weird.

Step 3 - This is no weird?!

Exactly, this isn't any weird at all!

Finishing word

Tada! Now you've read a full tutorial. Congratulations!