Campaign: Age of Satellites

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Robert Kerbin and his Kerbal Space Program realized that getting to the Mun would require learning several things first. There were immediate requests from Kerbal media to follow up on an idea to put a communications satellite into orbit. Finally young Kerbans in Kerbiet territories could watch Kerbican Dance TV without censorship. Both countries realized the potential of satellites and sought to put up spy satellites so they could see what the other leader was having for breakfast. Finally, the scientists who were in charge of the whole operation decided to go on strike until their respective governments would allow them to put up "more useful" satellites for scientific purposes...such as mapping Kerbin in all its beauty, and to track the weather. Since the weather never changes on Kerbin yet, the scientists conceded the point and opted to just get a mapping satellite up.

This campaign is designed to present you with a mission manifest that will allow you to accomplish the final goal of putting a satellite into a stable polar orbit of Kerbin.


  • Length: 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Easier than it looks
  • Skills needed: Navball navigation, Orbital Mechanics 101
  • For version: Every version (tested on 0.20.2)



  1. Launch a self-sustaining satellite into a 300km Circularized Orbit


  1. Launch a self-sustaining satellite into a Geosynchronous Orbit


  1. Launch a self-sustaining satellite into a Stable Polar Orbit

Finishing word

After mastering orbital mechanics for unmanned objects, Kerbal scientists everywhere were itching to find a few brave volunteers to serve as the first Kerbinauts who would be so dedicated to the cause of scientific exploration, that they would be willing to sacrifice their lives for it. This left a number of educated candidates refusing to sign up, but most space scientists agreed that they didn't need them anyways as they would invent ways to control missions completely from the ground. The promise of a flashy new space suit with jet packs intrigued Kerbans everywhere, as no one had them before and there wasn't a whole lot to do on Kerbin. Jebediah Kerban, a mountain skiier and daredevil from Kernacopia, was the first to sign up and participate in the Kerbinai Program.