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Breaking Ground Parts are the basic science and robotics items for exploration in Kerbal Space Program. As a whole, they compose the building materials the player can choose from in the Vehicle Assembly Building. Breaking Ground Parts are added into five major categories: Aerodynamic, Cargo, Robotics, Science, and Structural. The expansion has 48 parts to choose from (as of version 1.7.3).

Tables of Parts

In the tables are the main properties of the parts. In most cases the tables follows the categorization structure of the game. In case of deviation, the position in part board of the game is noted. Some parts have been made physicsless to improve performance in the game from version 0.23 onwards. These parts behave as if they have no mass and cause no drag, unless they become the root part of a vessel.

Many parts have some resource storing capacity, which makes the mass and the cost different in full and empty state. In this case the full is shown as normal, and the empty values are in round brackets under the full values. Some properties, like the entry cost, are not included, but can be found in the part-box on right side of the part's page.


Grip pads

Template:Stats Table BG Grip Pads



Template:Stats Table BG Cylinders


Template:Stats Table BG Rotors


Template:Stats Table BG Hinges


Template:Stats Table BG Controllers


Template:Stats Table BG Servos


Template:Stats Table BG Engines


Nose cones

Template:Stats Table BG Nose Cones


Template:Stats Table BG Propellers


Template:Stats Table BG Arms



Template:Stats Table BG Communications


Template:Stats Table BG Sensors

Control Stations

Template:Stats Table BG Control Stations


Template:Stats Table BG Generators


Template:Stats Table BG Storages