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Not to be confused with cargo bay

cargo modules are parts that have some inventory slots, and can transport smaller parts without actually having them constructed onto the rocket, unlike service bays.


Cargo modules have a moderate amount of Inventory slots, more than most command modules. They can store parts, that can be later taken out, ussually to place them on EVA construction mode or, to store part usable by a kerbal, like jetpacks.

Currently, there are 4 cargo modules avaiable in-game:

Image Part Radial size Cost
Max. Temp.
Inventory Slots Volume limit
SEQ-3 Cargo Storage Unit Tiny 200 0.05 1 200 15 50 3 180.0
SEQ-3C Conformal Storage Unit Radial mounted 100 0.02 1 200 15 50 3 60.0
SEQ-9 Container Module Small 600 0.15 1 200 14 50 9 650.0
SEQ-24 Cargo Storage Unit Large 1500 0.4 1 200 14 50 24 2 500.0