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(You're probably looking for the Extend-o-matic Series A1 Deployable Flag.)
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A '''flag''' may reference to,
[[File:Flag tweakable.jpg|thumb|right|407px|ToggleFlag tweakable with a flag on an [[S1 SRB-KD25k]] booster]]
* the [[flag pole]] at the [[Astronaut Complex]]
*Please visit [[Extend-o-matic Series A1 Deployable Flag]] if you are looking for the flag [[Kerbals]] plant.
* the flag pole at the [[launch pad]]
* the [[Extend-o-matic Series A1 Deployable Flag]] as the object placed by [[kerbonaut]]s
* the general [[Flag (Image)|image]] shown on actual flags

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ToggleFlag tweakable with a flag on an S1 SRB-KD25k booster