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This page lists popular Kerbal Space Program media producers and their broadcasting channels and other media outlets. Lists of popular Youtube producers, Twitch broadcasters, and other dedicated KSP media providers are mostly ranked by dedication to KSP media production (number of episodes for KSP vs other topics), popularity (number of subscribers), and genre. Feel free to add your channel or those of others you know of. If you do, please follow the listing format and sort order of the relevant section.

Youtube Channels

All channels are sorted by subscriber count. All videos are sorted by view count. When adding new channels or videos, please follow the listing format below, as well as the sort order. Feel free to update subscriber counts and re-sort at anytime.

Dedicated KSP Youtube Producers (1 or more out of the last 10 published videos is KSP related)

1000+ Subscriptions

  • Scott Manley (Episodic gameplay, tutorials, and reviews) 1.09m subscribers
  • Matt Lowne (Episodic gameplay, challenges, full movies) 179k subscribers
  • Danny2462 (Comedic bug discovery, comedic contraptions)(short videos) 116k subscribers
  • HOCgaming (Episodic, reviews, multiplayer) 114k subscribers
  • Squad's Official Kerbal Space Program Channel (Official Squad videos, non-game KSP videos, trailers) 52k subscribers
  • Nassault630 (Epic thematic movies) 29k subscribers
  • SWDennis (Comedic contraptions, comedic bug exploration) 15k subscribers
  • Bob Fitch (Episodic gameplay, storyline, tutorials) 4k subscribers
  • CruzanAK (SSTO and VTOL development and flying) 3k subscribers
  • Xacktar (Contraptions) (short videos) 2k subscribers
  • Wookiee (Episodic gameplay, short videos) (circumnavigated Kerbin by land) 1k subscribers
  • Hazard-ish (Episodic gameplay, short videos, SSTOs) 1k subscribers

100+ Subscriptions

New Channels

  • Avera9eJoe (Cinematics, episodes, shorts)
  • PARALLAX (Short/medium length videos. Main focus is on complex robotic craft,ie: ornithopters and walking robots)

Occasional KSP Producers (Less than 1 out of the last 10 videos is related to KSP)

Epic Youtube Videos (1000 view count minimum)

Twitch Broadcasters

1000+ Followers

100+ Followers

New Twitch Broadcasters