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Spam is not tolerated in Kerbal Space Program Wiki. If you see spam please help out. If you are a spammer who was sent here, please read what is not acceptable on this wiki.

If you spot spam in articles please undo them, mark spam pages as unwanted, warn the spammer, and report them to sysops if needed.

Identifying spam

Spam pages or edits appear in the following forms:

  • Spamming links to external websites
  • Advertising or promoting

People spam wikis because they want to increase their result ranking on Google. MediaWiki software is coded to make spamming external links pointless.[1]

Removing spam

→ Main article: Kerbal Space Program Wiki:Vandalism#Removing vandalism

Remove spam the same way you would do with vandalism.

There are two kinds of spam with different approaches:

  • Newly created pages

to deal with this blank the page and replace with {#{delete|(reason)}}, then remove the #

  • Editing an existing article

Warning the spammer

Spammers should be warned with the appropriate template. Remember to sign your warning with ~~~~.

Use vandalism warning templates {{vandal1|article}} and {{vandal2|article}}


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