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We're working on this page. We'll get to it. Eventually.

In short, beyond what MediaWiki collects in order to ensure you're able to log in and stay logged in (which involves your IP and probably a cookie or two), what we collect for statistics (IP, country, referer), and what Lighttpd (our webserver) collects as a part of standard logging practices, we don't collect any private information. Any private information stored on this system is not going to be shared with anyone outside the company beyond law enforcement officials with valid warrants, full stop.


We like knowing what's going on in the community and seeing it grow, so starting 10/15/2012, we now collect anonymous statistics on country-of-origin, searches that bring you here, and sites that link you here. This information, however, is based on your IP and is not very accurate, and none of the data is personally identifiable (the last two bytes of your IP are scrubbed, so becomes

An opt-out page will be available soon, but until then, we respect the Do-Not-Track header offered by many browsers.


We use standard MediaWiki cookies designed to keep you logged in. No other extra cookies are added, to stalk you or otherwise.


Keep in mind, though, that Take-Two Interactive can update this policy at any time to fit our needs. We'll try to keep everyone informed ahead of time if something changes, though, as we're not into doing things behind our users' backs. However, it's your responsibility to check this page for changes.

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