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Several missions in this campaign require targeting specific orbital inclinations. Is it possible to see exactly what inclination a vessel is at? Hitting a specific inclination, to two decimal places no less, seems pretty tricky, especially without SAS.

Less specifically, the terminology used definitely ramps up in this campaign (polar orbits, sun synchronous orbits, Molniya orbits, sidereal time). The missions for polar and sun synchronous orbits describe them pretty well, but Molniya orbit and "1/2 sidereal day" are less clear. ~tacocritic (sign talk pages)

Without a telemetry addon (ie, mechjeb, engineer, etc) there is no in-game readout of inclination. This can be gotten around in orbit of Kerbin however, since the Mun has exactly 0° inclination you can just target that and see your relative (in this case, also absolute) inclination. That challenge is requesting a 'classic' Russian orbit (Molniya), and could be redefined more simply (define periapsis, apoapsis, and inclination). Its not too hard to hit 1 decimal place in inclination if you are light on the throttle/ use RCS, but 2 decimals isn't even shown. A note along the lines of "feel free to round these numbers to whatever you feel comfortable completing" would be reasonable. SGCam (talk) 07:34, 11 August 2014 (CDT)