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This template is used to identify what kind of page it or its subject page is.


{{pagetype | class | page= }}



The name of a page. The default is the current page.


This unnamed parameter is optional and is used to distinguish between different non-article pages in mainspace (e.g. disambiguation pages and redirects). See below for details.


Namespace of page class Output
Article & Talk disambig, disamb, dab page
redirect, redir
anything else article
User & User talk anything page
MediaWiki & MediaWiki talk
Help & Help talk
Portal & Portal talk
Project & Project talk
Module & Module talk
File & File talk anything file
Template & Template talk anything template
Category & Category talk anything category

Template data

<templatedata> {

       "description": "Identify whether the page is an article, file, category, page, or template.",
       "params": {
               "1": {
                       "label": "Class",
                       "description": "Class is used to distinguish between different non-article pages in mainspace. 'disambig', 'disamb', 'dab', 'redirect', 'redir', 'portal', 'project', 'na', 'book' give \"Page\"; 'image', 'file' gives \"File\"; 'template', 'temp', 'templ' gives \"Template\", 'category', 'cat', 'categ' gives \"category\".",
                       "type": "string",
                       "required": false
               "page": {
                       "label": "Page name",
                       "description": "The name of a page",
                       "type": "string",
                       "required": false

} </templatedata>