Campaign: Private Spaceflight

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With the KSC essential paralyzed by stupidity, a new generation of Kerbals were preparing to dare it all on space, and make a few million dollars along the way. Among them was a ambitious Kerbal who had made his fortune in KayKal, and saw more in space. So he started a private company called KerbX. This is the dawn of a new Age!


  • Length: 8-12 hours
  • Difficulty: 8/10 (Expert)
  • Skills needed:
  1. Spaceplane design (Tutorial: Spaceplane basics)
  2. Advanced atmospheric piloting
  • For version: Every version (not yet tested)

Some addons are suggested for realism/simplicity: Infernal Robotics (makes refueling units easier), Kerbal Attachment System (makes refueling units really easy), Extraplanetary Launchpads (allows for fully independent base).

NOTE: An addon accurately reproducing SpaceX spacecraft and rockets is available, but it was made for KSP 0.90. There have been multiple issues reported when it was used in 1.0.4. Fortunately, though, the mod author has stated on YouTube that he is getting the mod ready for 1.1. Just hold out a little longer and perhaps use NovaPunch. Speaking of mods...

Recommended Mods


KerbX Ambassador

Elon wants to design a long distance, efficient plane. You can design it however you wants but here are the rules:

  • Must have room for two.
  • Enough batteries to last through the night.
  • Solar Panels
  • Must be able to travel Across the African Shaped Continent and return without refueling.
  • A comm device.
  • A landing ladder.
  • Lights.

KerbX Eagle

Elon wants to research high altitude flight before going into space, so you must design a plane that can go up extremely high. You can freestyle design it, but here are restriction:

  • Must have room for two.
  • Enough batteries to last through the night.
  • Solar Panels
  • Must be able to travel up to 35,000 feet at least without the engines failing.
  • A comm device.
  • A landing ladder.
  • Lights.
  • Build at least two of these, place them in the hangars at the Insular Airfield.

KerbX Hyper

Elon wants a supersonic jet plane for himself and his staff, so he has choosen you to design his private jet. He wants it to be like this:

  • Must have room for two.
  • Enough batteries to last through the night.
  • Solar Panels
  • Must be able to travel at supersonic speeds.
  • A comm device.
  • A landing ladder.
  • Lights.
  • Build 1, and place it in an empty hangar. It will be its own hangar from now on.

Space Plane Launch

Now is the time. Elon, out of a shortage of Kerbonauts, has also selected you to perform the docking and resupplying of the KSS with the space plane KerbX Stellar. You must do these actions to not get fired: Launch your plane, fully loaded, from the Insular airfield.

  • Go into a low orbit no more than a hundred kilometers high (at apoapisis).
  • Rendezvous and Dock with the KSS.
  • Fill the KSS with supplies. If it is full, too bad. Your fault.
  • Send your crew over to say hi. If it is full, too bad. Your fault.
  • Undock from the KSS
  • Return to the Insular airfield with all crew safe and no parts destroyed.

Falcon 9

Even though the spaceplanes were an unparalleled success, Elon still held sentimental value for the old days. So, he created a new rocket, and a spacecraft derived from Apollo.

  • The rocket should be 2-staged with no radial tanks.
  • The first stage should be able to land back on Kerbin with the help of landing legs, top stabilization, and some unused fuel. A parachute to slow down a little is optional.
  • The second stage should have enough fuel and rocket power to achieve LKO, but you won't actually do that.
  • On the second stage, place several small satellites.
  • Launch the Falcon 9 and detach the first stage (make sure it has some fuel). Pretend that the second stage makes it to orbit. (Parts disappear in atmosphere when they're over 2.5km away)
  • Aim for the launch pad with some small thrust.
  • Use rockets for a soft landing.
  • Recover rocket stage.

Green Origin

Another private company, Green Origin, is also competing in the reusable rocket race with their New Shepard.

  • This rocket is basically a 1-stage test rocket that's shorter and bulkier than the Falcon 9 (Use Rockomax tanks).
  • Remember to include legs and RCS.
  • Launch the rocket stage by itself to at least 65km.
  • Return, land safely and recover.
  • Repeat the launch with an empty capsule on top, Detaching the capsule and its parachutes on the way down (around 3km if you want to see it land).
  • Land the rocket stage safely.

Bonus: Land on the launch pad each time.

Finishing Word

With Elon's success, other Kerbals looked into commercial spaceflight, and the economy boomed. Space flight was the talk of the day, like the Mun Race. KSC, due to popular pressure, had been given the highest amount of the Federal budget in history, and it was preparing to do the first step to manned spaceflight all over the Kerbol system, with robotic landers. Meanwhile, Kerbollo managed to make a triumphant return, and development of the Shuttle-C resumed.