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The old wiki had the following section, that was overwritten (possibly by a spam bot).


possibly it could be useful for someone:

Modelling with MAYA

This information is for MAYA 2011, or higher, but should still apply to older versions.

When using Maya to create parts for KSP, there are a few settings that will make your life much easier.

  • First off, Ensure that you have the latest DAE_FBX plugin installed in Maya. You can get the plugin from the link below. This will allow you to create the DAE meshes

that are needed by KSP.

  • Next, you need to make sure both the DAE_FBX plugin and Maya are configured to use the correct scale.

This will correct any issues with oversized or undersized parts.

  • To set Maya's units

Go to Window->Settings/Preferences->Preferences

In preferences Select settings on the left hand side, Change world co-ordinate system to up axis: Y and Working units to Linear: Meter

  • To Configure the DAE_FBX plugin for importation

Go to File->Import

When in the Import menu, select "files of type" from the bottom and change it to DAE_FBX. This will give you acess to the file type specific options on the right hand options menu.

Expand File Type Specific options-> Advanced options-> Units

Uncheck automatic and select, file units converted to: Meters

To check to make sure all of your settings are correct. Go to File Specific Options->Statistics. It should now show:

File Axis Direction: Y-up File Units: Meters System Axis Direction: Y-up System Units: Meters

Whenever a mesh file is selected.

  • To Configure the DAE_FBX plugin for exportation

Go to File->Export All

When in the Export menu, select "files of type" from the bottom and change it to DAE_FBX.

Under the Options Menu on the right hand side, expand File Type Specific Options->Advanced options.

Under Units, check to make sure that automatic is unchecked, and select File units converted to: Meters.

Next, Under Collada make sure Single Matrix is unchecked. This should correct rotational issues with your model.

  • Side notes and information.

For some reason, it appears that maya cannot export groups to the DAE_FBX plugin. If you have groups for your models, the output will break.

When creating your file, make sure to include a collision mesh. To do this, Select your object and open up the attribute editor (This is on the right hand side by default). Change the transform:name to read node_collider. This object will now control the physics simulation of your part.