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Template:Data Template


Name Optional Description
Name Yes Name of celestial body. Used to determine mass. Default: {{BASEPAGENAME}}
Class No Class of celestial body. This will be translated!
File No Filename to image of the celestial object
Parent Yes Object which this object does orbit. If net set it hides the orbital information. Default: Not set
apoap No Apoapsis in meters from parents center
periap Yes Periapsis in meters from parents center. Default: Apoapsis
orbinc No Orbital inclination in degrees.
pe arg No Argument of periapsis
an arg No Longitude of the ascending node
anomaly No Mean anomaly in radians for UT 0s
sidrot No Siderial period in seconds
SoI No Sphere of influence in meters. Special value: ∞
highest Yes Highest elevation in meters. Default: Not set
Atmospheric data are only needed if it has an atmosphere
T-minC No Lowest temperature in degrees celsius
T-maxC No Highest temperature in degrees celsius
O2yorn No Is oxygen present? (Yes/No)

To deactivate orbital information (for example Kerbol) don't set {{{Parent}}}. The atmospheric information is only visible when {{BodyData/Pressure}} returns a value higher than 0.

If the periapsis isn't defined it will assume a circular orbit where the apoapsis is identical to the periapsis. For the mass, radius, pressure at sea-level and scale height it uses the {{BodyData}} templates.

Ingame the apsis is shown from the body surface. But because all values which depend on them needs to be from the center the values must be from the parent center.


Some values are calculated automatically:

  • Periapsis: Semi-major axis, Orbital eccentricity, Orbital velocity
  • Apoapsis: Semi-major axis, Orbital eccentricity, Orbital velocity
  • Orbital period: Orbital velocity
  • Radius: Surface Area, Density, Surface Gravity, Synchronous Orbit
  • Mass: Gravitational Parameter, Density, Surface Gravity, Synchronous Orbit
  • Sidereal Rotation Period: Sidereal Rotational Velocity, Synchronous Orbit
  • Scale Height: Atmospheric Height
  • Atmospheric pressure (in atm): Atmospheric pressure (in kPa), Atmospheric pressure at atmospheric height




Example used on this page:

|pe arg=4
|an arg=7


To translate this template see also this article.

This template support following languages:

  • English: Everything supported
  • Nederlands (Dutch): Subsections (like “Orbital Characteristics”) and most of the columns are supported
  • Français (French): Subsections (like “Orbital Characteristics”) and most of the columns are supported
  • Русский (Russian): Everything supported
  • Polski (Polish): Everything supported
  • German (Deutsch): Everything supported
  • Portuguese (Português) Some parameters supported
  • Swedish (Svenska): Most parameters supported
  • Turkish (Türkçe): Most parameters supported