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Infobox as seen from orbit.
Planet of Gilly
Orbital Characteristics
Semi-major axis 1 807 000 m [Note 1]
Apoapsis 2 674 000 m [Note 1]
Periapsis 940 000 m [Note 1]
Orbital eccentricity 0.48
Orbital inclination 7.4 °
Argument of periapsis 4 °
Longitude of the ascending node 7 °
Mean anomaly 4.2 rad (at 0s UT)
Sidereal orbital period 5 300 957 s
245 d 2 h 29 m 16.5 s
Synodic orbital period 419 326.1 s
Orbital velocity 1 - 4 m/s
Physical Characteristics
Equatorial radius 10 000 m
Equatorial circumference 62 832 m
Surface area 1.2566371×109 m2
Mass 1.0000000×1020 kg
Standard gravitational parameter 6.6740800×109 m3/s2
Density 23 873 241 kg/m3
Surface gravity 66.7 m/s2 (6.806 g)
Escape velocity 1 155.34 m/s
Sidereal rotation period 3 600.0000 s
1 h 0 m 0 s
Sidereal rotational velocity 17.453 m/s
Synchronous orbit 119.88 km
Sphere of influence 26 260 587 m [Note 1]
Atmospheric Characteristics
Atmosphere present Yes
Atmospheric pressure 101.325 kPa
1 atm
Atmospheric height 40 000 m
1.0×10-6 atm
Temperaturemin -42 °C 231.15 K
Temperaturemax 47 °C 320.15 K
Oxygen present No
Scientific multiplier
Surface 10
Splashed 6
Lower atmosphere 8
Upper atmosphere 8
Near space 6
Outer space 6
Recovery 5

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 The distances are given from the body's center, not from the surface (unlike ingame)


This template don't need any parameters and instead uses only {{Body data}} to gather the data. Because of this the orbital and physical properties are stored in a subpage named Param.

To orbital information is deactivated (for example Kerbol) when {{Body data}} for the property parent returns nothing. The atmospheric information is only visible when {{Body data}} for the property pressure returns a value higher than 0.

Ingame the apsides are shown from the body surface. But because all values which depend on them needs to be from the center the values must be from the centers of the bodies.


Some values are calculated automatically:

  • Semi-major axis & Orbital eccentricity: Apoapsis, Periapsis, Synodic orbital period, Orbital velocity, Solar day, Sphere of influence
  • Semi-major axis (km): Sidereal orbital period
  • Radius & Surface gravity: Mass, Sidereal orbital period, Density, Synchronous orbit, Orbital velocity
  • Radius (km): Surface area
  • Surface gravity (gees): Gravitational parameter, Sphere of influence
  • Sidereal rotation period (s): Sidereal rotational velocity, Synchronous orbit, Solar day
  • Atmospheric pressure (in atm): Atmospheric pressure (in kPa)

The Synodic orbital period is not defined for Kerbin.


{{#switch: {{{1}}}
|semi-major axis=
|pe arg=
|an arg=
|gravity gees=
|atmospheric height=
|min temp=
|max temp=
|sci landed surf=
|sci splashed surf=
|sci lower atmo=
|sci upper atmo=
|sci border atmo=
|sci near space=
|sci outer space=
|sci border space=
|sci recovery=


Example param subpage used for this page:

<noinclude>{{Data template used}}</noinclude>{{#switch: {{{1}}}
|file=Image needed.svg
|semi-major axis=1807000
|pe arg=4
|an arg=7
|gravity gees=6.805667582711731
|atmospheric height=40000
|min temp=-42
|max temp=47
|sci landed surf=10
|sci splashed surf=6
|sci lower atmo=8
|sci upper atmo=8
|sci border atmo=20000
|sci near space=6
|sci outer space=6
|sci border space=100000
|sci recovery=5


When using this template, most of it is translated automatically. To translate this template or one of the subtemplates, go to the {{Infobox/Body/Dict}} template.