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(Moved the Nose Cone to Template:Stats Table Sensors; Added Torque and energy consumption)
m (-as the nose cone was removed all special information about it can be removed too;)
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| 20
| 20
| 0.3
| 0.3
|}<noinclude><!-- At the moment it is only the avionics package, but if in the future there might be additional command modules w/o torque it will also hide them! (e.g. in 0.21 (but not 0.21.1) the large ASAS would be hidden too)-->
To hide all parts which don't provide torque set the parameter {{{torque}}} to something except an empty string.</noinclude>

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Image Part Radial size Cost
Drag Torque Electricity (e/s)
Inline Reaction Wheel Small 2300 0.5 0.2 20 0.3
Inline Advanced Stabilizer Small 1100 0.5 0.2 20 0.3
Advanced S.A.S Module, Large Large 2200 0.2 0.2 20 0.3