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Hello (^ ^)/
from time to time I am here and edit stuff. But mostly I use it to look up Parts and Planets because I can't keep them all in my mind. Especially the parameters for atmosphere calculations are not always present.

I've heard that there are some quite good tutorials on this Wiki. And even [|Wikipedia] itself is very useful on topics of rockets.

If you want to see a real rocket launch then [|SpaceFlightNow] is quite a good source to get the dates for all life rocket launches. The stream the launches but I'd recommend to watch them on the website of the launch company. A selection is below:
NASA TV, they broadcast 24/7 all kinds of stuff. EVAs, news, education, ...
United Launch Alliances (ULA)

On YouTube there is SpaceVidsNet who have a great number of launches.

That's it. Have fun .O/