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! {{lang
! {{lang
|en=velocity curve
|en=velocity curve
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! {{lang

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Part velocity curve atmosphere curve

J-20 "Juno"

20.0 kN

J-20 Juno Basic Jet Engine velocity curve.png
J-20 Juno Basic Jet Engine atmosphere curve.png

J-33 "Wheesley"

120.0 kN

J-33 Wheesley Turbofan Engine velocity curve.png
J-33 Wheesley Turbofan Engine atmosphere curve.png

J-404 "Panther"

Dry Mode:
85.0 kN
Wet Mode:
130.0 kN

J-404 Panther Afterburning Turbofan velocity curves.png
J-404 Panther Afterburning Turbofan atmosphere curves.png

J-X4 "Whiplash"

130.0 kN

J-X4 Whiplash Turbo Ramjet Engine velocity curve.png
J-X4 Whiplash Turbo Ramjet Engine atmosphere curve.png
J-90 Goliath Turbofan Engine.png

J-90 "Goliath"

360.0 kN

J-90 Goliath Turbofan Engine velocity curve.png
J-90 Goliath Turbofan Engine atmosphere curve.png
Rapier Engine 01.png

CR-7 R.A.P.I.E.R.

105.0 kN

CR-7 R.A.P.I.E.R. Engine velocity curve.png
CR-7 R.A.P.I.E.R. Engine atmosphere curve.png