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This Page will explain how to install a typical Addon to Kerbal Space Program.

What Are Addons

If you have been playing Kerbal Space Program for any length of time, and have gone on the forums blogs or watched any of the tutorial youtube videos, you have have probably heard of Addons. Addons, mods or plugins are modifications to the official version of the game. They either add new parts, systems and mechanics to the game or replace existing ones. Addons are generally made by the community rather than the developers and can greatly enhance the playing experience. Due to their widespread popularity, Squad offers an official website for exchanging them, the Kerbal SpacePort. Addons are great for people who have been playing the vanilla version of KSP for a while, and are looking for more of a challenge.

To read More About Addons refer to the Addon page.


  • Length: 5–10 minutes
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • For version: Every version


IF you are new to KSP or the Addon part of KSP specifically some of the terminology may be confusing

Kerbal Space Port - The Squad supported Library for all KSP Addons.
Vanilla KSP - A KSP game without any Addons. (Basically what you get when you download the game from squad.)


Step 1 - Choosing an Addon

This is important because each addon will change the game in different ways. Choosing an addon that will be interesting and fun is important. There are many Addons to choose from one of the best ways to figure out what you are looking for is just to read blogs forums and watch Youtube reviews. some of the more popular mods are MechJeb, Remote Tech 2, Ferram Aerospace, Deadly Reentry, along with countless other mods.

For the sake of simplicity For this tutorial we are going to install MechJeb one of the most popular addons for Kerbal Space Program. Mechjeb is an autopilot system, hence the name "Mechanical Jebediah". Besides allowing for automated maneuvers it also gives gives you a ton of data on the characteristics of your spacecraft that Vanilla KSP does not have, like Delta V, Thrust to weight ratios, burn times, orbital data, and much much more. So even if you are not interested in using the autopilot function it can be a very helpful mod to make you a better pilot in overall.

Step 2 - Installing the Addon

Click on the 'download now' button on the addon page and a download should start. The download should be in your downloads, if not then check where the download took place.

Step 3 - Placing the addon in your game

Click on the archive file, usually a ZIP file, containing the addon, and you should see a folder with the name: 'MechJeb2' if you downloaded the most recent version. Open up your KSP folder (look for how to do it in another tutorial) and click on GameData. You should see two folders if you haven't modded your KSP version yet. Now drag your 'MechJeb2' floder into the game folder and tada! You have now successfully installed an addon. Close the KSP folder and the addon folder if you wish and now you can start the game and enjoy the addon!

Finishing word

In case you mess up anything make sure you backup your KSP folder beforehand. There are hundreds of mods out there so go check the forums, the spaceport, and even youtube videos to give you an idea of what mods you can choose!