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This page contains a list of all part infoboxes of which the type was guessed. Any item can be deleted if the validity was verified. The winglets aren't removed yet, because the classification is not clear, if those should be treated as wings.

Image Title Description Guesses
AV-R8 Winglet.jpg
AV-R8 Winglet/Box Guessed 'let' for 'AV-R8 Winglet/Box' Winglet
Delta wing.png
Delta Wing/Box Guessed 'let' for 'Delta Wing/Box' Winglet
Image needed.svg
Structural Wing/Box Guessed 'let' for 'Structural Wing/Box' Winglet
Image needed.svg
Swept Wings/Box Guessed 'let' for 'Swept Wings/Box' Winglet
Image needed.svg
Tail Fin/Box Guessed 'let' for 'Tail Fin/Box' Winglet
Image needed.svg
Wing Connector/Box Guessed 'let' for 'Wing Connector/Box' Winglet