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This article is about the fixed winglet. For the controllable winglets, see control surface.

A winglet is a historical part type used to provide stabilization for rockets and planes inside an atmosphere. The “winglet” class was deprecated in version 0.25, but appears in the name of a few parts and currently remains on this wiki for historical reasons. Winglets are smaller than a regular wing, hence the name, and are sometimes steerable. Such steerable winglets are then included in control surfaces.

Placing too many winglets may end up producing too much drag, adding stress to the rocket and making it more difficult to control.

Currently the following non-controllable stock winglets are available in KSP:

Image Part Cost
Max. Temp.
Lift Tiltable
Basic Fin 25 0.01 934 4 0.12 No
AVT1 Winglet.png
AV-T1 Winglet 500 0.04 2 000 12 0.3 No