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Версия 0.18.3 (бесплатная демонстрационная версия) Опубликована 12го Февраля 2013 г.


  • Ported the game over to Unity 4. Expect improved performance.
  • Added an exit splash screen.

Исправление ошибок и настройка

  • Parts on the parts list no longer show the author on their tooltips (that broke immersion).
  • Flight basics tutorial now requires player to set throttle to max before finishing the tutorial (and launching).
  • fixed the non-persistent StateName field on MunFlight Tutorial.
  • Fixed the planetary terrain not starting up properly sometimes.
  • Fixed the error messages when exiting the game from the flight scene.
  • Added a bad name filter for the Kerbal name generator.
  • Disabled multiple demo warnings and timewarp notices.
  • Fixed vab transparency issue.
  • Stopped plugin folders from being created.
  • Fixed several spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Removed Debug logging for interia tensors.
  • Fixed winglet colliders.
  • Fixed EVA light orientations.
  • Updated Copyright dates.
  • Fixed Explosion Shader Transparency issues.
  • Disabled the debug toolbar.
  • Fixed an issue when going in and out of Map View after crashing the ship.
  • Fixed more ocurrences [sic] of the terrain not loading properly when entering flight.
  • Fixed some UI controls and keys being responsive during pause.
  • Rescaled the exit screen to fit 5:4 aspect ratios.
  • Fixed some more ocurrences [sic] of the terrain failing to load issue.
  • The Staging Stack now automatically scrolls back into view if a staging operation sends it off screen.
  • Stage groups and icons now accurately follow the mouse when dragging.
  • Fixed the MunFlight Tutorial not allowing use of the Map.
  • Boarding a vessel from EVA no longer toggles the vessel's SAS state.
  • The VAB and SPH now show decoupler ejection forces on the part stats.
  • Fixed Part Actions being clickable if Time Warp was engaged while the Action UI was already up.

Demo Restrictions and changes

  • Part loading limited to the 25 stock ones.
  • No Plugin loading.
  • SPH and Runway Facilities are unnaccessible.
  • Only one save profile allowed.
  • Cannot launch new flights if 3 or more are already in progress.
  • Kerbin, the Mun and the Sun are the only celestial bodies in the solar system.
  • Replaced the Spaceport button on the main menu with a button to order the full version.
  • Revised tutorials and scenarios to be compatible with the demo set of parts.
  • Removed the Station One and Mun Orbit scenarios as those require parts from the full version.