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Beta release
Дата публикации: 21.05.2013
Официальное сообщение: 0.20 Released!
0.19.1 0.20.1

Версия 0.20. Опубликована 21го мая 2013 г. Сообщение на форуме


  • Command Seat part for Kerbals on EVA.
  • Cupola pod with IVA.
  • Small Lander pod with IVA.
  • 2 new Probe Cores.
  • Large Docking Clamp.
  • New Medium Wheel.
  • Kerbals on EVA can now plant Flags on terrain. Planting a Flag allows you to name the site, which becomes a focus-able object in flight and on the Tracking Station. Planted flags have a Plaque, which can be written during placement, and read only when approached by an EVA.
  • Several Stock flags to choose from. Flags are moddable. Create your own!
  • Added a Flag selector to the Game Start Dialog.
  • Added a Flag Pole Facility to the Space Center.
  • Added a FlagDecal part module. Allows any part to have a part of its model textured with the selected flag.
  • Added Flag selector to Editor scenes, to select a flag for the mission (defaults to space program flag).
  • The Editor no longer requires that the first part on a vessel be a Command Pod. Any part which allows both stacking and surface-attaching can be used as the vessel root.
  • Added a new part filtering system to the parts list, which allows excluding and greying-out parts based on any criteria.
  • It is now possible to delete the first part on a vessel, and replace it.
  • Added the first iteration of the Kerbal Knowledge Base: A collection of vessel and planetary information on the Map and Tracking Station. The Knowledge Base shows information about known Celestial Bodies, displays the crews inside vessels, and much more.
  • Added Filtering by vessel type on the Tracking Station.
  • Added Filtering to the Map View as well (hover around the top-center of the screen)
  • New Loading Screens, with hints.
  • Mods and Stock Parts can now have their own separate folders for organization.
  • Added a Flags folder to collect flag bitmaps.

Исправление ошибок и настройки

  • GameDatabase: Completely overhauled the loading process with a completely new system.
  • Added a scene transition buffer system, to ensure optimal memory cleanup when switching scenes.
  • Switching vessels no longer resets throttle and other input whenever possible.
  • Going on EVA and boarding a vessel (or boarding a seat) also no longer reset the vessel's input state.
  • Decoupled vessels inherit the old vessel's control state.
  • All parts on a stage will get activated now, even if that stage causes some of those parts to get jettisoned away.
  • Streamlined PQS Terrain Assets, reduced memory usage by up to 30%.
  • Upgraded Debug Menu, allows reloading parts and cfg files while playing.
  • The Map View now properly prioritizes selecting moused-over map nodes when multiple orbits overlap.
  • It's now possible to 'pin' the Ap and Pe nodes, so their captions remain visible after moving the mouse away.
  • Removed the Splash Screen scene. Now the game starts loading as soon as the application starts.
  • Rewrote and organized many scattered game events into a single coherent GameEvents System, which plugins can use.
  • If you crash/explode, focus now shifts to the nearest controllable vessel (if any) instead of going straight to the End Flight dialog.
  • Many more small bug fixes and tweaks.
  • Decoupled vessels now properly inherit the action group state of the original vessel.
  • "Root-dropping" decoupling now properly preserves the staging count for the new decoupled vessel.
  • Fixed the EVA flags looking weird during the initial part of the flag-plant animation.
  • Fixed staging icons on decoupled parts not being removed from the staging list.
  • Fixed the suspension jitter on the Medium Wheels.
  • Several improvements to how collisions are detected and handled in the editors.
  • Symmetrical counterparts now properly glow red or green based on whether they can attach or not.
  • Added a sound for when placing/releasing parts in the editor isn't possible.
  • Added the flag pole to the editor scene background.
  • Adjusted collision and torque values for the medium wheels so they're a bit faster and tougher.
  • Adjusted wheel breaking logic to take into account the relative velocities of rigidbodies.