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A Command Pod is a cabin part or satellite core which allows a spacecraft to be controlled.

Command Pods play a central role during both construction and flight. In order to build a rocket or plane, the player is first required to choose a command pod. The chosen pod acts as a basic fixture during vessel construction and cannot be retroactively exchanged in-game. Upon launch, the module will house the crew, if it is capable of doing so. Vessels can only be controlled as long as at least one crew member is in the command pod if it has a cabin. Otherwise, if it is a satellite core, it can only be controlled as long as an electric charge is available.

All command pods provide torque for manual control, but no real SAS functionality. There are six different cabin pods and three different satellite cores in the game. Three of the cabin pods are designed for use with rockets, and the other three cabin pods are designed for use with spaceplanes. The main difference between the different cabin-type command pods is their outer form and their crew capacity. The three different types of satellite cores generally have the same function but differ in shape.